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Age of Tomorrow Full HD Download

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Movie Overview

When a meteor threatens to strike the planet. a war is waged on Earth and on an alien world. after the military uncovers a plot to destroy mankind. For the first 20 minutes. I wasn’t even sure The Asylum was ripping off the right movie. When the film starts. the U.S. government learns that an asteroid a quarter-size of the moon is on track to hit Earth. They pull together a team of roughneck soldiers to land on the meteor. plant some explosives and blow it to hell. Right around the time the heroes get a 30 minute crash course in how to fly a space shuttle. I thought for sure this was ARMAGEDDON REDUX and I’d made a huge mistake. However. once they arrive on the hurtling space rock and secret caves and holograms. it’s clear… “This isn’t an asteroid!”. You may also like Noah Movie. From there on out. AGE OF TOMORROW turns in to a mix of PROMETHEUS and GENERIC ALIEN INVASION MOVIE. As soon as it’s clear that the asteroid is actually a mothership. containing thousands of smaller alien attack vessels. all hell breaks loose. Amidst the chaos. Kelly Hu (X2, THE SCORPION KING) somehow immediately recognizes. that the ships’ death rays aren’t vaporizing people but instead teleporting. them—and jumps through a wormhole. (I’m guessing this is where the film was supposed. to connect to AGE OF TOMORROW. but with teleportation instead of time travel.) Soon everyone finds themselves on the alien’s color-corrected home planet. No one is sure where it is exactly. but thank God they just happen to be a carrying a device. that boosts their radio signal so they can send. an SOS message from across the galaxy. (Hu also takes her helmet, guessing that the air would be breathable. Perhaps she saw it in PROMETHEUS.) The rest of the film follows. the team as they go on a “rescue mission.” which in this case means wandering around an alien military. facility on a planet they know nothing about. You can guess how that ends up.


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  • Movie Name : Age of Tomorrow
  • Movie Rank : 2.0/10
  • Movie Quality : HD Print
  • Movie Size : 1.2 GB
  • Movie Type : Horror, Adventure
  • Age of Tomorrow Full HD Download

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Age of Tomorrow Full HD Download Age of Tomorrow Full Movie 1080p HD Free Download Age of Tomorrow Full HD Download

Age of Tomorrow Full HD Download

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Age of Tomorrow 

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