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  • Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock). is a splendid therapeutic designer. on her first shuttle mission. with veteran space traveler. Matt Kowalsky (George Clooney). in command of his last flight. before resigning. Yet on an apparently standard. spacewalk. debacle strikes. The shuttle is crushed. allowing Stone and Kowalsky. completely to sit unbothered. fastened to only one another. and spiraling out into the obscurity. The team of the Space Shuttle. Explorer is taking a shot at. the STS-157 mission. Mission Commander. Matt Kowalski. therapeutic architect Dr. Ryan Stone. who is on her first ever space mission. and flight engineer Shariff Dasari. are on a space walk when. they gain from Houston control. that a blast has recently happened. at a Russian satellite. Prior to the group can make a move. the blast garbage comes tearing. You may also like Godzilla. They have the troublesome assignment. of attempting to get to an alternate. satellite with whatever gear is available. and from that point at last. once more to Earth. Through the methodology. they are regularly on their own. without the other prompting. a great feeling of disengagement. which prompts individual. inquiries and extreme choices. about their own particular mortality. and what may be best for the other. at the cost of oneself. The veteran space traveler Matt. Kowalski is responsible for the Shuttle. Explorer’s STS-157 mission. to repair of the Hubble. Download Gravity HD Movie. Telescope by the new kid. on the block authority Ryan Stone. Out of nowhere. Houston control prematurely. ends the mission cautioning. that a Russian rocket hit a satellite. bringing on a chain response and now there. is a storm of garbage coming upon them. Before long they lose communication. with the Mission Control in Houston.


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    • Movie Name : Gravity
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    • Movie Size : 1.2 GB
    • Movie Type : Thriller
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