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Movie Overview

  • Revenge of the Nerds is a 1984 American comic drama film from twentieth Century Fox, delivered by Ted Field and Peter Samuelson, coordinated by Jeff Kanew, and featuring Robert Carradine and Anthony Edwards, with Curtis Armstrong, Ted McGinley, Julia Montgomery, Brian Tochi, Larry B. Scott, Michelle Meyrink, John Goodman, and Donald Gibb.Best companions and geeks Lewis Skolnick and Gilbert Lowe enlist in Adams College to study software engineering. They are kicked out of the rookies dormitories by the Alpha Betas, a clique made essentially out of football colleagues, after the Alpha’s thoughtlessly torch their fraternity house. Dignitary Ulich sets up the first year recruits in impermanent quarters in the school’s recreation center, however permits them to surge the organizations to reduce their lodging circumstance. Lewis, Gilbert, and different geeks neglect to pick up crew participation, however have the capacity to lease and totally remodel an once-over two-story grounds house.Their prosperity maddens Stan Gable, the lead Alpha Beta and Adams’ star quarterback; he sets his kindred clique individuals against the geeks, pulling a few tricks. The geeks approach the grounds police for help, yet are bound by the societies’ Greek Council that mediates every single such trick; the best way to offer the Greek Council’s inaction is to join a national crew. The geeks endeavor to increase national enrollment, in the end selecting the dark organization Lambda (Tri-Lambs). The leader of the Tri-Lambs, U. N. Jefferson, is not excited by the thought of conceding a contract to an essentially geek part, however the organization’s local laws commit them to give any section candidate a 60-day trial participation. The geeks welcome Jefferson to a Lambda party with the Omega Mu sorority, which contain comparable geeky ladies; their gathering is livened up when Booger supplies joints with superb pot. The Alpha Betas, alongside the Pi Delta Pis, to which Stan’s head team promoter sweetheart Betty Childs has a place, let in a group of pigs into the gathering, upsetting it, permitting Jefferson to see the segregation the geeks face. The geeks later take their requital on both the Alpha Betas and Pi Delta Pis. Jefferson is awed by the geeks’ readiness to go to bat for themselves, and he formally names them a Tri-Lamb section.

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    • Movie Name : Revenge of the Nerds (1984)
    • Movie Size : 732 MB
    • Movie Quality : 720p HD
    • Movie Type : Comedy

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Revenge of the Nerds Movie HD 720p Free Download Revenge of the Nerds Movie HD 1080p Free Download Revenge of the Nerds Movie HD 720p Free Download

Revenge of the Nerds Movie HD 720p Free Download

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Revenge of the Nerds

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